Instructor Tachograph Training

There are two courses that we run in order to train trainers to teach the digital tachograph course. They are as follows:

  • Two Day Instructors Course (With Instruction Ability)
    • Complete notes with all regulations
    • Overview and introduction to different vehicle units
    • Vehicle unit functions
    • What the different cards do
    • UTC time explained
    • Drivers card storage/requirements
    • Applying for company cards
    • Accessing Data
    • Lock in and out data
    • Downloading vehicle unit and driver card data
    • Analysing data
    • Driver procedures
    • Menu and display demonatrated and explained
    • Inspections
    • Mixed digital and analogue work
    • Reading and understanding different printouts
    • East steps to understanding pictograms
    • Managing digital tachographs
    • Hands on practical procedures with simulators
    • Understanding all pictograms
    • Undetstanding all the menu actions
    • Driver requirements and procedures
    • Understand and pass an exam on the legislation
    • Practical download/storage/analysis
    • Administrate the whole management of Digital Tachographs
    • Demonstrate use of simulators


  • Four Day Instructors Course (Without Instructor Ability)
    • An additional two days is given to students who have not aquired instruction ability and will become Train the Trainer or have a large team of drivers and admin staff to train within their company


At the end of this courses the student will take two theory papers and in addition present a training programme of their own.

For further information, please Contact Us on 01708 761110 or via email